Timber Frame Homes

Our purpose-built premises allows us to cater for medium to large scale developments & to the self-build market throughout the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.
Timber Frame

Why choose us?


Itemised quotation offering a variety of passive standard options.


Dedicated experienced project manager assigned to your build.


Tailored Project Management software, ensuring regular updates.


Qualified certified team tasked with overseeing your build progress.


In-depth understanding of Part L & nZEB energy efficiency requirements.


Unique interlocking closed panel system ensuring a complete seal of your build.


Airtightness membrane is protected between two thick layers of quality insulation.


Elimination of cold bridging by adding a further insulated layer to the face of the studs.

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What We Do

The Self Builder

An exciting but sometimes stressful adventure – we are here to make the process easier for you.

The Architect

We work in conjunction with a wide range of architects and pride ourselves on design.

The Contractor

As a contractor we understand that you need price and reliability from the timber frame company that you work with.

Using timber frame in home construction offers several advantages and benefits:

Strength & durability

Timber frame construction is known for its strength and durability, providing excellent structural integrity.

Design flexibility

The large timber frames can span long distances. This allows for creativity and customisation in designing layout and aesthetics of the home.

Energy efficiency

Timber frame homes are inherently energy efficient. The thermal mass of the timber frames helps regulate temperature fluctuations, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Timber is a natural insulator, providing excellent thermal performance.

Leading to energy savings and lower utility bills over time.


Timber frame construction is considered environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Wood is a renewable resource, and using timber as a primary construction material reduces the reliance on non-renewable materials.

Speed of construction

Timber frame construction can be faster compared to traditional building methods. The use of pre cut timber frames and the efficiency of joinery techniques can expedite the construction process. This can potentially reduce labour costs and shorten overall construction timeline.


From Sign off on design to completion on site 6 weeks approx.
6 easy instalments tailored to your requirements.

Trusted Team

With Over 30 years of experience in construction & property development, our garden rooms are built to last.

We use sustainably sourced materials with the highest quality finish of your choice.

Our garden rooms are guaranteed for 10 years.